I see… I Think… I Wonder…

We are straight back into learning in Term 4! Miss M has been saying how curious she is about what is happening in our brains, and how she wants us to share our thinking, our questions, and our wonders. Miss M created a ‘wondering wall’ where we display some of our thoughts and questions. We will refer back to these throughout the term!

Today we looked at some photos and spent time talking about what we see, what we think is happening, and what we wonder about the photo. Here are some of our ‘wonderings’ from today. This term we are inquiring into how the weather affects our daily lives. These are some interesting¬†wonderings, whih¬†will be further explored throughout the term.

Baby Possums!

Today was a special day! We were so lucky to have Riley’s Mum, Meredith come in to show us two baby possums. Meredith is a vet, and¬†has been looking after the two 4 month old possums for a few weeks. We learnt about what possums eat, how they sleep, and how to care for them. We¬†got to see the¬†possum’s feeding, and even got to pat them!

Thank you Meredith for coming in and sharing this amazing opportunity with us, they were adorable and we learnt so much!


Maths Incursion

On Tuesday we attended the Maths Incursion. We played a range of maths warm up activities using dice, rulers, counters, and paper!

We played games to identify the number before and after a given number, identifying the larger number, and saying ordinal numbers.

We also sang songs to the tune of the Macarena to practise counting, saying the months of the year, and ordinal numbers.

Book Week 2018

Last week all of CNPS celebrated Book Week, with the theme ‘Find Your Treasure’.

When we weren’t rehearsing for the concert, we did a range of reading activities, including:

  • Identifying where our favourite place to read it
  • Reading outside
  • Writing a book review for the 2018 Shortlisted books
  • Making a bookmark

On Friday we had our book parade. We all loved dressing up for the day, and finding out what everyone’s favourite books are. We also did a treasure hunt following a set of clues which spelt out a word to where our treasure was buried!

To finish off the week, we hosted the whole school assembly, and performed ‘Home Among the Gumtrees’! What a week! We were all very tired, but Miss M was so proud of the hard work and effort we put in throughout the week.

More notes!

There have been a few more notes going home the past week:

  1. Maths Incursion – due back ASAP
  2. Health Screening forms (big white envelope!) – due back by 10th September
  3. Footy Day Special Lunch – Friday 21st September

Thank you for your patience and time to complete these forms ūüôā

Puppets in Italian

In Italian we have been making animale puppets. This week we have been using them to role play asking and answering each other questions in Italian. Questions include:
Come ti chiami? – What’s your name?
Quanti anni hai? – How old are you?
Dove abiti? – Where do you live?

If you would like to practise asking/answering these questions at home here is a link

If you want to practise talking about pets here is a link to some interactive games

Floating Boats

This term we have been learning about different materials and why we use a range of materials for different objects. We used our knowledge of materials that are waterproof/repellent, and materials that can sink and float, to build a boat. Miss M gave us things we had to include.

After building our boats, we go to test them and explain why our boat could float/not float. Here are our creations!

Fathers Day Retreat

This morning we were lucky enough to have our Dad’s in the classroom. We gave them our card, My Dad book and special present. Then we got to show them all the learning we have been doing in our books, and around the classroom. We did a special performance – an Italian song, then we went to the hall to do some yoga. We LOVED having our Dad’s stay for the morning.

Hosting Assembly!

Foundation B will be hosting¬†the whole school¬†assembly on Friday 7th September! We will be performing a short song and would love to see you all there! That day is also the Book Week dress up ūüôā