Foundation B Specialist Timetable

Attached is Foundation B’s specialist timetable. This will let you know when your child will have subjects outside of the classroom. A hard copy will also be sent home in the next couple of days. Please note our Library day is Tuesday, and we will be borrowing books at this time. It would be helpful if your child’s library bag was brought to school on either Monday or Tuesday so they don’t miss borrowing.

Miss M

Foundation B Specialist Timetable for door T1 2018-1ylnckf

Keeping an Eye on Screen Time

Are your kids constantly glued to a screen? Where do you draw the line to keep screen time in check?

Parents often ask school staff about strategies for managing screen time at home. This is often a difficult question given the individual nature of every household. However, there are a number of apps on the market that allow parents to have greater control over the devices in their household.

One such app is Google Family Link. This app allows parents to monitor screen time, set device bedtimes and manage the apps that can be used on a device.

Google Play


But remember not all screen time is bad.

Screens are a part of family life and when used in moderation can offer positive benefits, like:

  • enhancing learning experiences
  • facilitating social interaction
  • improving motor skills, coordination, literacy and numeracy

Restorative Justice Workshop

Yesterday Foundation B was lucky enough to participate in a restorative behaviours workshop with Terry O’Connell from Real Justice. This was a great session and helped us learn about opening up and talking about our feelings, actions and problems.

The Restorative Practices model recognises that consistency in response to behaviour helps to create a safe and comfortable learning environment. It also helps to further develop interpersonal and communication skills while giving students a frame work in which they can resolve their problems.

Each student has been given a set of cards containing questions to use to assist them resolve issues they may experience. Teachers will be using these questions as well. Please find these attached.


Art Blog

Check out the Art Room’s blog to see all the creative things we have been up to!

Now is also the time to being in a named art smock for your child, as in a few weeks they will begin painting in Art!


Hello and welcome to Foundation B’s class blog! This is the place to come and check out all the what we have up to! I will share photos of our learning and please feel free to comment on any photos or posts. I will also put up any notices, information, and timetables during the school year. It has been great to meet all of the families through the first two weeks and get to know the children.