When Someone Is Bugging Me…

Yesterday Foundation B read some stories about when someone makes us feel angry. As a class we discussed different words we could use to describe angry – frustrated, annoyed, grumpy, furious, mad.

We had some thinking time and some of us shared a time where we felt angry, and what we did to make it stop. Miss M helped us come up with some things we could say and do when someone is making us feel angry, and created a poster that we can refer to.

We made our own bugs and chose a sentence or action that we would use if this happens to us.


Young Archies Award

Dear Foundation B Parents,

In Term 3, students will be doing a unit of work on portraiture in the art room. As part of this learning, we are going to hold a CNPS Young Archies Award (similar to the Archibald Prize). Students’ portraits will be on display in the school hall, and two prizes will be awarded: one given out by the school leadership team, and the other awarded by the school public as a ‘People’s Choice’ award. We are also building some cross-curricular links as students will be writing a short caption to accompany their artwork in the classroom, and publishing it during ICT time.

Given that students’ work will be on display, I would really like it to be laminated so that it is protected (and looks more professional!) If you would have some time in Week 3 or 4 of Term 3 to do some laminating of student work I would really appreciate it J Please contact Kristin in the art room if you are able to help.

Thanks in advance!

Kristin Davis, Foundation Art Teacher

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We’re not afraid of the big bad wolf!

This week we have been reading the book ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We discussed the sequences of events; what happened at the beginning, middle and end, and what the probem and solution was. In writing, we had to make a list of materials to build a house that would be strong enough to withold the huffing and puffing of the Big, Bad, Wolf! We built our houses, made predictions and got to test our houses! The Big, Bad, Wolf (aka. Miss M’s hairdryer) was fierce, but most of our houses were too strong! Here are some photos of our learning 🙂

Australian Early Development Census

Coburg North Primary School will be taking part in the Australia Early Development Census (AEDC), which is a nationwide census of early childhood development. It helps our school and community understand how children are devloping before they start school, what is being done well, and what can be improved.

A 3 page information sheet was sent home to get some extra information from you, which needs to be brought back by Wednesday 13th June.

The AEDC is voluntary and is not a school test, so should you wish for your child’s information to be excluded from the census, please complete the appropriate form that was sent home.

If you have any questions or would like some more information please visit the www.aedc.gov.au or come speak to Miss M. Thanks

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Writing about our Creations!

Today Foundation B talked about the different ways we got to school. We used different materials to build the way we got to school, e.g. by car, walking, scooter, bike etc.

We then wrote about what we had made. Here are some of our creations, and look at how our writing is improving!


Riley D
Clea  Nila 



Compass Parent Info Session

At 5pm this Wednesday 30th May, CNPS will be holding an info session for parents needing assistance to login to Compass. Eldest students were sent home with a green letter containing their family username and temporary password a couple of weeks ago.

If you haven’t yet logged into Compass for the first time, feel free to attend.

Wednesday 30th May

5pm in Room 1 in the cream building.

Bring your green letter (with login details) and your mobile device.

There’ll be laptops for you to use if you don’t have your mobile with you.

No PMP or Gardening this Friday

Just a reminder that there will be no PMP or Gardening tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I’d also like to thank all the parent helpers that come in to support our class with reading, PMP, Gardening and PE. Parents are a valuable resource and we always love having you in to watch our learning grow! It is very much appreciated.

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Every Monday our 3/4 buddies come down to our classroom! Each week we do a range of activities that help build personal and social development, problem solving, and social skills such as sharing, taking turns, cooperating and negotating, while having fun!

Today we created an outfit for our Buddy Bears (our actual buddy bears will be arriving soon!). We talked with our older buddies and chose what kind of Buddy Bear we would like to make e.g. pirate buddy bear, footy buddy bear, princess buddy bear etc. Together, we chose colours and created our outfits! Here are some of our creations!