Does your child’s bedtime make a difference? Insufficient sleep can reduce your child’s ability to function well. If your child goes to bed too late and/or develop unhelpful sleep habits, this can affect their behaviour and learning.

While sleep is an individual thing and some children need more than others, giving your child a strong bedtime routine is important for their health, well-being and learning. Here is a poster to use as a reference.

Practising Common Words at Home

Today Foundation B took home some information about practising common words at home. Attached below is a copy of the note and common word list, if you would like to print out more sets. We have been noticing common words in the grade all week and the students have done a fantastic job at being Common Word Detectives during guided and independent reading!

Did you know…

  • Common words are found in about 75% of words in simple texts!
  • A lot of these words are hard to sound out as they do not follow the simle phonic principles e.g. the, was. This is why children need to instantly recognise these words.
  • Common words promote confidence. There will be less words to decode when reading 🙂
  • Common words promote reading comprehension. Instead of focusing on decoding most words in a text, your child will strengthen their understanding of a text.

This is what makes it so important to practise learning our common words to support our amazing reading progress!

Miss M has found a few links of games you can play online at home to support learning common words, in addition to using the common words that were sent home.

If you have any questions about these activities or common words Miss M would be more than happy to chat with you!

1-100 word list to take home-24fghhz

Oxford Words Home Learning Parent Handout-pyghwl

Show and Tell

We have LOVED everyone sharing their favourite book with the class. Each child shared the book, why it is their favourite book, and their favourite page/part of the book. Miss M then got to read every book to us!!

Some books were funny, some were special, and some were given to us by some people we that are important to us. One book even played music!
Miss M highly recommends you give these books a read, she loved everyone single one!

Parts of Number in Maths

This week in Maths we have been looking at how numbers are made of different parts. We looked at the numbers 4, 5 and 6 and used counters, teddies and even ourselves to understand that there are many ways to make that number e.g. 3 and 2 is 5, 4 and 1 is 5.

Here are some ways we showed our understanding:

Life Skills

Yesterday was the last day of Life Skills. Each week this term we have been participating in Life Skills – a mindfulness and wellbeing program which teaches us how to be mindful of ourselves and others. We have been learning a range of values, skills and strategies including listening, balancing, being honest, and breathing and calming strategies. We go on weekly adventures to places like the circus, the forest and the ocean. We have mainly learnt to show respect to ourselves by stopping and listening to our bodies and what they might be telling us e.g. tired, hungry, tired, hot. We also have practised showing respect to our peers.

RACV Street Scene Incursion

Today Anne from RACV Street Scene came to teach us about how to be safe around roads. We learnt about how to be safe pedestrians around driveways, carparks, traffic lights, zebra crossings and train track crossings. We sang a song to remind us to stop, look for the traffic, listen for the traffic, think, then walk. We practised this song by pretending to cross a fake road with fake cars, trucks and motorcycles.

When you’re walking down the street, down the street ,down the street, STOP! Use your eyes before your feet, watch for the traffic.

When you’re walking down the street, down the street, down the street, STOP! Use your ears before your feet, listen for the traffic.

We also learnt about how to be safe when riding bikes and scooters, and being passengers in a car.



Italiano at CNPS

Italiano @ CNPS is our Italian website for the students, teachers and families of Coburg North Primary School.


On the site you’ll find the songs, stories, video clips, games and activities we are using in our lessons. Students can use the site to review things we have been doing in class and extend on and practise their Italian at home.

The Questa settimana section of the site includes a weekly blog article about our Italian activities and you have the opportunity to provide feedback or comment.

Information on what we are covering in the Italian program can be found in the Questo trimestre section.