100 Days of School!

Yesterday we celebrated 100 days of school. Every day we have been keeping track, firstly counting by ones, then subitising dot patterns on a tens frame, then counting by tens!

Yesterday we counted up to 100 in English, and Italian. Then we played lots of 100 games – race to 100 and snakes and ladders. We made crowns that we wore all day, then we wrote what we wanted to do before we turned 100. Some responses included:

  • swim with dolphins – Riley A
  • be a vet – Clea
  • drive a boat – Dante
  • build a tree house – Eli
  • fly to the moon – RIley D
  • have some cheese in the park – Ellie
  • fly!
  • go to Disneyland – Nila
  • ride a shark – Flynn
  • go on a water slide – Lucius
  • be a clothes designer – Anneka
  • be a librarian – Ruby

We had the best day! Here are some great photos of the day 🙂

School Concert Info

Where: Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre 7.00pm

11th September (Surnames A-G),

12th September (Surnames H-O)

13th September (Surnames P-Z)

Dear Parents/Guardians

To make our concert a big success we are asking you to provide some simple items of clothing. More elaborate costumes will be provided by the school. We would like you to put the requested clothing items in a bag with your child’s full name and grade on it and bring it back to school by 24th August.

When we receive the clothes we will check to see that they are correct and then store them until concert night.  We will contact you if they are not suitable. If you are having trouble locating any item, don’t worry, contact me at sharpe.stephen.s@edmail.vic.gov.au  and the costume committee will assist.

On concert night children will go to the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre at 6.15pm in casual clothes, change and perform in their costume. They should bring a bag to put their casual clothes in.  After the performance they will wear their costume items home and bring their other clothes home in the bag.

Foundation A:  Black long sleeve top and black leggings

Foundation B: Matching long sleeve top and leggings in any bright colours

Foundation C : Yellow long sleeve top and yellow leggings

Foundation D: Brown T-shirt and brown leggings

Foundation E and F: Black leggings

Grade 1: T shirt and bike shorts in any bright colour

Grade 2:  Nothing needed

Grade 3A: White polo shirt and white long pants, white shoes

Grade 3B : Khaki short sleeved shirt

Grade 3C: Plain singlet of any bright colour and bright summery shorts

Grade 4/5/6:  Black long sleeve shirt and black leggings or slim fit black pants

Most items will be easy to find but some like the khaki pants, white pants and yellow leggings might be a bit harder. If you have old clothes that you don’t need that match what other grades are looking for, consider donating them. Remember, no logos or faded blacks.

We will need help completing the costumes so if sewing is your thing, and you have some free time please let me know.

Stephen Sharpe

Music Teacher


Recycled Materials

Over the next couple of weeks Fdundation B are looking at different materials. In 2 weeks time we will be creating boats and investigating what is the best material to use. If you have any recycled materials at home (no bigger than an A4 piece pf paper) please bring them in!

Thank you in advance 🙂

Toys at School

This term there have been a lot of toys brought in from home. At Coburg North Primary we have a no toys allowed rule. This is because:

  • toys could go missing
  • toys could break
  • personal toys can cause conflict with peers

If you could please try to keep toys coming to school that would be greatly appreciated.

Balls can be brought to school to play at recess and lunch, however Foundation B can only bring them on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thank you 🙂

Miss M


This term Foundation are lucky enough to have students from RMIT to support us in PMP sessions. Because of this, our PMP day has changed to Wednesday. PMP is a time where we can develop our gross motor skills such as jumping, crawling, skipping and balancing. It also includes hand eye coordination activities like catching, throwing, and eye tracking activities. We also develop social skills such as turn taking and sharing. Here are some of the things we did this week.


Foundation B Are Scientists!

This term Foundation B are learning about what scientists do. We drew some things that we already thought we knew about scientists, then we conducted not one, but two experiments! Throughout the experiments we had to make predictions and observations, and at the end of the experiments we tried to explain what had happened. THe next day we wrote about what we observed. Here are some photos of our experiments and writing! Our first inquiry unit this term will be looking into Chemical Sciences, more specifically why we use different materials. We can’t wait to conduct more experiments!

Jeans for Genes Day

On Friday the 3rd of August (week 3), CNPS is supporting Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) by participating in Jeans for Genes day! you can wear your favourite jeans or denim outfit (double or triple denim is GREAT) to show your support and please bring a gold coin donation. Every dollar raised helps scientists at CMRI discover new treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.


The Very Hungry OzoBot!

Today we explored algorithms and learnt that they are step by step instructions to solve a problem or complete a task. We listened to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and discussed what the caterpillar ate on each day of the week. We then problem solved how to get our ‘OzoBot’ to eat all the food in the same order as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We used markers and explored how thick our lines had to be to make sure our OzoBot could follow the path, realising that we could also use other colours as long as our lines were wide enough. It was very cool to create and watch our Very Hungry OzoBots complete their paths!

IMG_9985-2kcbeuq IMG_9986-23v7xqh IMG_9987-1ryyhiu IMG_9988-rta9lb